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7 Unknown Benefits of massage therapy

7 Unknown Benefits of massage therapy


  • Is massage therapy only useful for relaxing the body and mind?
  • Is Frequent massage therapy bad for the body?
  • Is it true that massage therapy does not affect a person’s health and well-being?

The answer is NO.


Massage therapy includes organized and systematic muscle manipulation, along with pressing and rubbing of soft-tissue muscles, skin, and ligaments.

It helps to enhance and boost the overall health condition and well being of an individual

Massage therapy is now widely accepted not only for its feel-good qualities but also for the numerous health benefits it offers. Every massage therapy session helps to train the body and muscles to stay relaxed even during times of high stress.

So, if you’re still on the fence about booking and investing in massage therapy, don’t be. Here are 8 Unknown Massage Therapy Benefits.


1. Stress relief and relaxation

Massage therapy stimulates the release of endorphins and lowers cortisol levels, allowing our mind and body to relax and relieve and reduce stress.


2. Improves sound sleep

Massage therapy helps us to relax and lower the activity in our nervous system, allowing us to sleep deeper. It causes the release of serotonin and dopamine, which improves our mood. It also relaxes our muscles, which improves our ability to sleep soundly.


3. Helps to alleviate pain

Massage therapy is effective in the treatment of pain. It greatly helps in the treatment of muscle stiffness and chronic pain. It helps to gradually loosen the muscle by increasing blood circulation, and adhering to the therapist’s treatment plan can help to reduce medication for the same.


4. Improves flexibility

Due to injury or stiffness, the body’s potential range of motion is restricted which can impact a person quality of life. Massage treatment helps relieve muscle stiffness by manipulating soft tissues in muscles, allowing the muscle to loosen and relax.


5. Helps eliminate bodily toxins

Massage treatment promotes in the elimination of harmful and waste substances. After a set (by the therapist) number of minutes of massage, it is always recommended to take a bath and drink lots of fluids to help the body clear and eliminate toxins.


6. Better Blood Circulation

Massage therapy includes rubbing and pressing of muscles which helps to loosen muscles and tendons and increase blood circulation in the body.


7. Relieve tension and headache

Massage therapy relieves muscle tension in the neck, head, and shoulders, hence reducing headaches and its symptoms. It also helps in the release of natural painkillers and certain dopamine in the body, which helps to relieve headaches and tension.

So, as discussed above there are many benefits of massage therapy from maintaining your physical health to managing your overall health condition.

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